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For the Who Is Online Part :

A WebPart and a user control. These two elements display the number of member currently online.

Some options are settable :
  • Idle delay
  • Refresh delay

There is also an applicative page allowing you to set different properties including :
  • Whether the ability of hiding our presence is activated or not
  • The message displaying in order to display the number of member online
  • The profile properties of the member to display in the page that lists all members online
  • Wheter the communicator presence is displayed or not
  • Wheter the profile link is displayed or not
  • Wheter the date/time of the last activity is displayed or not
  • Banned users (users that never will be counted)
  • A pane displaying the member online as a popup
  • WebPart displaying a list of online members
  • French/English

If the user hides his presence, he won't be able to see the list of online members. Almost all is customizable;

PM :

3 Web Parts allowing users to send PM directly via SharePoint.
  • One Web Part for writing and displaying PM
  • Another WebPart for displaying differents PM folders
  • Another WebPart for displyaing the content of PM folders
  • Write / Read / Mark as unread / Delete PM
  • Receiver selection with a people selector
  • French/English
  • PM storage in invisible list automaticaly managed by the feature

More information (in french) :

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